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The Rise of Anambra Startups, Soludo Sponsors Foris Labs Team to Silicon Valley

The Rise of Anambra Startups, Soludo Sponsors Foris Labs Team to Silicon Valley

Governor Soludo has continued to demonstrate his commitment to transforming Anambra State into a startup destination. Recently, Mr Governor Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR sponsored an Anambra- based startup, Foris Labs Team to the Silicon Valley to participate in the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield in California, United States of America.

Foris Labs is a gamified virtual science lab startup simplifying the complexities of science experiments. The startup was selected among the top startups to participate in the highly competitive ‘TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200’ as one of the top 200 startups from around the globe to exhibit in the event held recently in San Francisco, California.

Governor Soludo’s administration is deliberate about building the Solution Innovation District which will become the Silicon Valley of Africa and see to the emergence of startups, digital tribe, and smart SMEs. He takes pride in promoting great ideas, products, and services out of Anambra State. He has continuously demonstrated his support to startups as well as building the innovation ecosystem and enabling environment required for startups to thrive in the State. 

Foris Labs, founded by John Onuigbo, is an innovative startup dedicated to transforming the way students engage with science. It is aimed at developing cutting-edge products that simulate real-life science laboratory environments, allowing students to conduct experiments virtually using mobile devices or desktop computers. Foris Labs has demonstrated exceptional innovation and dedication in the fields of education and technology.

The founder, John Onuigbo, expressed his heartwarming appreciation to Mr. Governor for the privilege of witnessing his commitment to encouraging and fostering growth and innovation in the Anambra tech sector. He said "It's heartening to witness Mr. Governor's dedication to fostering innovation and nurturing the growth of Anambra's thriving tech ecosystem. His commitment to propelling local talent onto the global stage is truly commendable. Representing Anambra at the TC Startup Battlefield has been an exceptional experience, and it's evidence of the incredible strides we are making in the world of technology and innovation. I am inspired by the opportunities that Anambra State is creating for young entrepreneurs and innovators, and I look forward to contributing further to this collective success."

Special Adviser to the Governor on Innovation and Business Incubation, Chinwe Okoli stated that “Mr Governor's sponsorship of Foris Labs Team further demonstrates his commitment to fostering technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the State through the Solution Innovation District. In Anambra, we are inspiring new ideas, incubating startups, grooming the digital tribe, and creating the enabling startup law for a comprehensive innovation ecosystem so that the people of Anambra State can compete globally and create jobs locally. By sponsoring this promising startup-Foris Labs, Mr Governor contributes to the broader advancement of science education in Nigeria and beyond and has also given hope to startup builders in the State, thus inspiring the emergence of new ideas ”.

The inclusion of Foris Labs in the Startup Battlefield is a testament to the innovative spirit and potential for global impact inherent in Anambra startups. This achievement showcases the remarkable strides being made in promoting technology, innovation and education within the state and emphasises the mantra “Everything Technology, Technology Everywhere”.

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